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Nalikera – Coconuts


Nalikera - Coconuts - House of Prakruhi

A tree that thrives in this land so much so that it was named after it. Clearly, the conditions of nature are most suitable for it here. Plants, not unlike humans and animals contains within them the best of what is around.

Called the “kalpavriksha”, The tree of life, there is tremendous good within the coconut tree, Nalikera out of which the state of Kerala gets its name from. From cooking and cleansing to medicine, the properties of coconuts have been explored in these lands throughout the ages.

Our purpose is to bring to the world what has always been a part of life in Kerala.

THE RAW MATERIAL: All our products come from Coconuts. One becomes Many.

Coconut contains a number of growth factors with diverse benefits. Various formulations, mainly from virgin coconut oil have been developed which include facial creams, lip balms, deodorant sticks, moisturizers, anti-ageing creams, dermatological formulations with antimicrobial effects etc, the base of all of which is the properties of coconut.

From the Coconut Milk, the oil and Kalkan (solidified proteins) are separated through sustained and controlled exposure to heat and stirring. The Kalkan powder, mixed with Neem, green gram etc is powdered to form the Natural Bathing Powder. The benefits of Virgin coconut oil and Kalkan powder are being researched and lived across the world for its healing properties especially for sensitive skin and hair-care, and the feedback we receive shows us that real medicine is life in tune with mother nature.