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Benefits of Baby Massage


Massaging an infant is an art and it is considered the best technique to keep the baby healthy. Obviously, our grannies knew this art perfectly well! Every stroke has a purpose and reason. How well do we know about infant massage and its advantages. This is a good read for all the new moms, to be moms and new grandmas who are all set to do a baby massage.

Massages have always been associated with relaxation and it is the same with baby massages as well. A good massage will make your baby feel relaxed. Above all, your touch will make your baby feel loved and this will improve the bonding between you and the baby. 

A good massage makes your baby calm and they respond to pain and stress calmly as well. It also decreases irritability and they cry and fuss much lesser.

Good sleep is a must for a baby’s growth and development. A good massage enhances the sleep quality of the baby. 

A good massage stimulates brain development in the baby. It also improves social, emotional as well as cognitive development of the baby.

When you massage your baby, you are stimulating the central nervous system of the body. The key nerves activate the cells that improve digestion and bowel movements. This helps the baby to gain weight as well.

Another key benefit of a good baby massage is that it strengthens and regulates all the systems of the body including the circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system etc.

Which oil is best for massaging a baby

Using oil while massaging is always optional. however, it is best to use a natural unadulterated oil when massaging your baby. Make sure you use edible oil when massaging your baby. Pure heat extracted virgin coconut oil is the best option as the baby’s skin absorbs the oil quickly keeping it soft. Moreover, even if the baby sucks his fingers, easy digestion happens and and it will only improve their immunity. You can also use almond oil as well. just make sure you use a natural organic and edible oil.