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Terms of Use

To offer you better service, we have come up with an agreement of the terms and conditions that will help you make use of our service better. To be specific, this page summarises the terms and conditions used by prakruthi.online. Kindly read the terms and conditions thoroughly and abide by them before accessing our services.

You privacy and personal data is very important to us and we promise we will protect them. We will not share any of your data with any other source. Please read our Privacy Policy to know more on this.

Kindly ensure that you provide a valid email id so that all correspondences reach you. We will not be responsible for the wrong or invalid email id given.

When you register an account with us, prakruthi.online also requires that you permit us to send you administrative or any promotional emails. You can anytime unsubscribe to this by logging in to your account and clicking on the unsubscribe button. Please read our Privacy Policy for further details

prakruthi.online holds all rights to make any modification to our Terms of Use as and when required without any prior notification. Therefore we strongly suggest that you always read through the Terms of Use when you use our service so that you keep yourself informed of the changes made in the terms and conditions if any.